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Brad Nyman

All of us club guys stay pretty well connected with each other so things don’t stay secret long. Multiple people have called and NJMP isn’t running a club series by themselves anymore it seems. And the half day practices that were cheap haven’t been around for atleast 2 years now.

I know Etown will make a class for 5 people, but it’s getting 5 interested and kicking it into gear is what I’m looking for.

Honestly, rules do not matter to me. I understand that a basic set of rules will work in the beginning for getting a filled class, but I fear in the long run it won’t work out. When I started karting, there was a youth league called hypermoto. The highest class was a outlaw/rwyb Honda gx200 class. It was great until people spent way too much money trying to be the fastest and build the best motor. It ended up being a spending war and it really killed the class and even the series.

Thats why I’m interested in hearing what rules will be best received.

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