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Brad Nyman

What would be the benefit of running wka rules vs. sprint only rules? I’m just interested in hearing what other racers think is better for growing a class from the ground up.

Personally, I know of lots if sprint chassis just sitting in people’s garages waiting to be run again or sold to new people, but it’s hard to justify the cost of running tag as a newbie.

One last question, is it better to run a spec tire and try and get manufacture support and have prize packages or a discount program, or go open tire and leave it to the racers to decide what to run. Personally I’d like to see spec tire with manufactures support and maybe even a yearly limit to keep costs in check.

Everyones input would be greatly appreciated so that we can try and make something happen to grow karting again. I’m tired of going to a club race and seeing only 30 people total racing.

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