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John Reikes

I’m getting a few people pinging me via PM about splitting it up and selling either the roller or the engine package. I don’t want to end up with a bare chassis or bare engine sitting in my garage for a long time. So if I go that route, I’m going to need to coordinate the chassis and engine sales to happen at basically the same time.

I would be willing to break it up for the following prices:

Engine package for $3,600. This would include the MRC engine mount and all of the stuff bolted to the engine (the carb, SKUSA pipe/mount, silencer/mount, etc.) as well as the fuel pump and ignition system.

Rolling chassis (with the seat and Douglas wheels) for $5,600.

One more thing… I’m considering doing next weekend’s race at Willow Springs, so the engine time might go up by an hour or two if I don’t get any firm commitments in the next couple of days. If I do run the race at Willow Springs, I will refresh the top end after the race for the buyer (with a new piston, ring, cir clips, wrist pin, head gasket and base gasket).