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Spencer Uzri

This is kind of like RE.  Location, location, & location are all important factors.  If you live an area where TM’s are supported, then you’re GTG.  If not, top-end maintenance is easy (@ 130 L fuel), while changing the bottom end bearings (@ 330 L) requires more knowledge & the right tools/equipment.  Having a shop that can help support you when you need it should be a real consideration.

I have a K9ES, & it’s a really nice shifter motor (I think).  The “detuning”, as such, was done with the goal of reducing maintenance intervals.  Boost ports were eliminated to improve mid-range (costing some top end); bottom-end crank & bearings are +2 mm larger diam to improve durability; 13.8K ignition rev limit, & then of course the e-start, which actually works nicely & is hassle-free.  I put a tender on the battery & leave it over the winter.