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Dan Schlosser

They have at least 2 of those Corsair karts Alex – if you buy one, buy them all and make a great package deal so you have spares. Two of those karts are essentially brand new – they are as clean as they look. If I recall the story correctly Corsair was an Italian brand started by Teo Fabi’s (80’s IndyCar) family. The Fabi family did a lot of a business with a company based out of West Virginia and they sent these karts over for the guys that owned that factory. They used the one for some lapping days at Circleville and Pitt Race but the other two were never completed and used.

The karts have many basic interchangeable components and you can probably find what need from Righetti or Parolin.  That said, I’m in full agreement with David, Walt and the rest that say buy from a local shop if you are new to the sport. You will need help and at the end of the day it comes a lot easier if you’ve established a relationship with a local dealer.

If you do buy one (or all) of these karts I’d suggest taking them to Keith or one of the other local guys and pay them for a few hours of labor to go through and set up the karts for you to start.  The relationship you establish will pay off many times over down the road.