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Walt Gifford

I would look for a KT100 package that’s been raced with everything you need (mount, clutch, exhaust, airbox ect) to bolt on and go. Make sure it’s a new style cylinder. I would expect to pay 800-900 at most.

Millville is still like the wild west on the competition kart side after all these years. Basically they are a rental kart track that gets a new manager that changes everything every couple of years. What they’re doing is the best kept secret in karting. If you go there and security won’t let you in don’t give up right away, just keep talking and asking question and maybe tell them you have a meeting at the kart track and they will let you in after a while if you sign a couple of release forms and give a pint of blood. I only go there to practice and I try to reduce my contact with staff while I’m there. If you do get out on the track keep your head up and watch out for golf carts crossing the racing line. They are ok for the nj sprint series because Englishtown runs the show that day. Did I mention their fees are higher than other tracks. Other than that they’re ok.


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