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Robert Lawson

I was asked to explain the “rain date”.


First, there is no refund of fees paid for this Test Day. The Track will not refund payment BUT they will offer us a make-up date so your $$$ won’t be wasted.

Sunday 4-12 is the first opportunity we have, and we’ll already be there.  After that it is more likely to be very late in the year because all the weekend dates are booked.

Now, here is the catch…..

We only get a “rain pass” if the day is called off before the EMT’s have rolled out toward the Track. (aprox. 7am)

In english: If we know the forecast/radar is showing incliment weather and its already raining Saturday morning we’ll call it and try for Sunday.


I always spend the night Friday at the Track and will be there to make the call with whomever else has showed up. Keep in mind, if you stay home because you watched the Weather Channel……well, lets just say….its Grattan man….you just never know!!!!! We have had guys miss it because they didn’t show up.


Historical Note: We have had to start late, we have had to wait out a mid-day shower, we have been cut short of a full day. We have had temps in the 30’s (4-2013 had snow at lunch!) and seen the 70’s (a few times between 02′-08′) but, we have NEVER had to reschedule!


More coming!