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Jim Derrig

1.  There is very little practical difference between the two Leopards.  Performance is identical.  The upgrades in the 2009 are of debatable value.

2.  Couldn’t tell you.  Rotax made a bunch of updates this year and a major national series (SKUSA) decided to spec the IAME X30 at its TaG motor, so we’re seeing migration.  Probably not very relevant to your situation, except that older Rotax motors and all Leopards might be available for less money than before (thumbs up from your point of view).

3.  Aesthetics only.

I’ll add the observation that you should prefer to find a kart that has been set up for your particular track, as it will save you some major headaches.  I started with a road racing kart and took it to a tight sprint track.  All the money I “saved” was gone because of the changes I had to make, plus I spent months trying to sort it out, all from a position of ignorance.