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Clark Gaynor Sr.

Todd, when we were still running Stock Honda we’d run about 3-5 events.  Figuring about 1.5 hours for a two day and 2 hours for a three day national.  Road racing that is.  So the 5 hours Josh mentioned is a pretty good guide.

For a 5-6 event season, we’d put a piston in it half way through the season, and of course a new one to start the next season.  Every other season we’d put a crank in it.

We only ever broke one piston and that was breaking the engine in!!!  Go figure??!!  And I never found a crack in any we replaced, so it’s more of an insurance thing.  BUT, if a bottom end bearing goes it can make a huge mess!!!

So in your case, I suspect both your motors are ready for a crank and piston.  Hope that helps.

Clark Sr.