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Tom Jensen

Having negotiated a few contracts I can tell you that when one party wants what the other party has, you don’t call the other party a bold face liar. I can’t remember that ever working. You can fix the club but you can’t fix stupid. Just get rid of stupid. Problem solved. If you can’t renegotiate a lease after ten years of renting, you screwed up. I have a feeling that if this were the only issue, it could have been resolved amicably. There were probably several issues over the years and this was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. LAKC has always played a significant role in Southern California karting but it really is the kart drivers that made this club great in spite of its leadership or lack thereof. I know Rob Niles and have actually negotiated a lease with him. He was always straight forward, to the point and fair. If he wanted to take over the club, he could have done that a long, long time ago. From day one, he could have started his own club and left LAKC go right down the drain which was exactly where it was headed. Without the move to CalSpeed, there would be no LAKC.