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Kirt Burcroff

I know I’ve seen a couple of vendors on facebook saying that they’ve seen some interest generated by the show. Hopefully it will somehow be a net positive.

I do think it’s unfortunate that adults see these kids as characters and now feel free to call them names. They’ve been made into characters but they are still kids. Kids that some of us know. I may have a different set of rules and values for my son when we’re racing but I know there are times at the track where a camera in my face, when something unfortunate happens on the track, would make me look like a complete ass taken out of context.  My son has been known to throw his gloves in the seat and kick a water barrier or two. With clever editing from 4 different races they could probably make him look like someone he’s not. That being said – If you show showed up at a race in New Jersey this Summer and filmed me at a typical club race, working on the kart, talking to other racing Dads, or watching my son, it wouldn’t be very entertaining. I wouldn’t even watch it. TruTV could use some better editors but we can’t blame them for concentrating on characters that will push ratings. I’m sure their goal wasn’t to promote the sport. If there’s anyone on a local, regional, or national level that doesn’t deal with difficult people at the track please tell me where, because I’d like to race there.

The show has been moved to prime time so I guess it’s pretty popular. Hopefully if there is a season two they will show some of those teams that aren’t spending $250,000 and just having fun with their family and friends. And I certainly don’t mean me or anyone I’m close to. After seeing how these kids have been treated publicly, I would never subject my son to it.

I’d be curious how many people had the same reaction I did to the floor pan bolt. It didn’t make any sense to me how it was unfolding, but I’m sure there are more than a few of us, that have been in similar situations, and were  pulling for those guys to get that damn bolt in and make the green.