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Christian Fox

I can guarantee you there will be many, many track owners/managers uttering the phrase “it’s not really like Kart Life” when a new family stops by the track. As a relative newcomer to the sport, I can honestly say this show would have given me pause when we decided to make the jump to outdoor karting. Between  equipment, travel, and the level of knowledge required to be even remotely competitive, the sport is intimidating enough without the overblown fake drama and douchebaggery seen in this show.

And as far as the club race vs. “national” race thing…we need to give that a rest. There is plenty of stuff going on at any race, and the average viewer could not tell the difference.  In the episode where Malukas has to start from the back, it was what, a nine driver field? Do you really think that seems impressive to a non-karting viewer? Is that really a “national” level race? The average viewer sees nine kids on go karts and a few parents and tuners leaning on a fence. We live in a country where there are high school football stadiums that seat 17,000.