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Troy V Smith

Everyone has an opinion, and I have kept mine quiet in an effort to evaluate the show over a period of time. Over the past month now, one thing has remained consistent through the four episodes – and that has been the horrible illusion as to what kart racing really is. I mean no offense to anyone, but how anyone can remotely describe this show as “good for the sport” is beyond me.

This “show” does far greater damage to the sport than it does promote any interest. I’m sure many self righteous, egotistical, arrogant, rich “Jerks”, who are willing to spend mega bucks to continue to spoil his irresponsible brats, would love to get in on the “my kid is better than your kid” debacle as seen on this TV show. For the better part of the worldly population however, and non-karters in general, I would expect most unknowing watchers, to look at this sport as just as it is depicted – filled with grief, whining kids, arguments, unrealistic goals, unsportsmanlike behavior, death defying crashes and exuberant amounts of money spent for an overall crappy weekend. Gimmie a break…

This show does nothing which demonstrates the real efforts, the real camaraderie, the real struggles and victories or the real competitive spirit of our sport. Nor does it demonstrate the usual intent of all racers to help their fellow racers! The response and the “interest” in our sport would be far far greater if the world would see the true karters. Such as the two racers wrecking each other on the track, and the same two racers helping each other get their karts fixed! Or how about the multiple Juniors, battling on the track, yet to find them all a hot dog yielding, “band of brothers” off the track. Or how about the guy that turns his own wrenches, spending a couple hundred bucks a weekend and wins races! Where are the drivers meetings where 100 people can come together for a common goal? Where are the instant bonds built between pit neighbors, or the tools shared with the “not haves”, or the parts and pieces given to the competition in an effort to keep them on the track racing? Where are the true karters in this “Kart Life”?

A while back, I read someone had described “club racing” as boring – obviously he hasn’t been to enough “club level” racing events! The potential story lines, the eager participation, the variances in racing programs, the attempts to be competitive on moderate budgets, 5 or 10 karts crossing a finish line within a second or so and the family atmosphere throughout a weekend, is far more entertaining and “promoting” than this “Kart Life” rubbish.

It’s sad for me to think that those “watchers” that are not familiar with karting, are even choosing to watch such a “created catastrophe” – most of whom will never research our sport at all simply because of the false illusions within this show and an idiot producer. I would think we are losing far more potential karters because of this show than we will ever gain. How many individuals are going to watch this and think – “Wow, this looks fun, or gee – let me get my kid get in on this”? Probably very few! And any that were thinking about it, are probably second guessing the whole thing after an episode or two. For most, particularly in this case, I would think no knowledge of karting to be better than any thought of this being a represented truth.

I would doubt that most folks would put themselves, much less their kids into an enviornment demonstrated by “Kart Life” and “TruTV”. It might be entertaining for some, but… Truth is, there is a distinct difference it “publicity” and “promote”. This show absolutely does “publicize” our sport, it’s very sad though, that the “publicity” it provides is extremely poor for all of us. Does the show “promote” our sport – absolutely not!

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