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Howie Idelson

Weather you like it or not, This show is good for the sport. It’s introducing people to karting and letting them see what it looks like. I think it’s easy to underestimate that people form their own opinions and take what they want from the show. If it grabs someone’s interest and it’s something they might like to investigate further, they’ll imagine themselves doing it their own way. Since we’re all karters on here it’s easy to pick apart the small continuity details. People who aren’t karters will never see them. The people who I’ve spoken¬†to from outside the sport who have seen it all have been intrigued. They’ve sought me out to ask questions. They’re generally interested in a sport that they’ve never had any exposure to. The show has drawn them in. I’ve been around karting my whole life. This is some of the best exposure I have ever seen for our sport. That’s my opinion.