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Brad Packard

@Chris Koch – I can respect your opinion, but I think the picture you paint is a little skewed from the reality of how things evolved between the club and the track over the years. I’ll repost from Facebook:

There were a lot of blood, sweat, and tears shed by those that had a hand in running LAKC over the years in order get it where it is (or was). As a non-profit club organization they also had a lot of willing assistance from outside entities, CalSpeed being the most major one in recent memory… but whats being missed is the fact that there has been a real effort over the last few years to change that little non-profit club into a money-making organization, and that focus on the bottom line is what changed the “Championship’s” relationship with many of its partners and members for the worse. I don’t begrudge anybody for trying to make a buck, and running the club is a hell of a lot of work, but be honest about it and don’t cry foul when you don’t get the same helping hands from those around you that you once did.

Obviously battle lines are being drawn, and people have relationships on both sides that they are going to support, but I think its a little simplistic to claim this is a ‘big guy’ elbowing out ‘the little guy’ type situation. ¬†Major efforts and concessions were made by both sides over the years in the interest of keeping things together, but sometimes things just run their course.