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Tim Koyen

Yeah, in our 13 years of karting, I’m pretty sure my wife never cried at the track, although I think my driver did a couple times…lol.

One funny thing about watching this show, is it reminds me how much I miss racing with my driver when he was only 12 and little things like finishing in the top 10 were cause for celebration.  I hope these families, and everyone else for that matter, really appreciates where they are now, because someday anything less than winning won’t be enough, then its not as fun anymore.  Now that I’m on the downside that of that “youthful exuberance”, and we’ve come to terms with the phrase, you can’t win them all, karting is fun again.  So even though my driver is turning 24 next month, and his professional dreams were never realized, we ARE having fun at the track everytime we race.  We’re some of the lucky ones, we get to keep racing, even as an adult.  I hope the kids and families portrayed in the show all get their dreams of pro careers realized, but just in case they don’t, they should take plenty of pictures now, and log the memories well, because someday they’ll wish they spent more time savoring each and every pass, because the trophies are just dusty plastic reminders of the journey.

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