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Tim Koyen

I think TJ is currently using the FreeM one and likes it, although for years he ran the P1 Kevlar vest and it was good as well.  He also tried the Ribtect and said it was fine too.  I know P1 has a new one with memory foam on the inside that Jamie at Franklin Motorsports was showing me the other day.  Looks pretty nice.  Its all about finding what is comfortable for your driver.  Personally, I don’t think a chest protector is necessary for anyone beyond the smaller kids, but that’s your choice.  Most of the above mentioned vests already have some type of padding/plating in the front, just as an added bonus.

Regarding the seat, keep it fairly snug.  You don’t want to be bouncing around, that’s how you get hurt.  If you need to tighten up a certain area, that really dense foam that you can buy in squares from any chain store, (I think they sell it as an exercise mat) works really good and is super cheap.  It cuts easily and provides good padding.  Hold it in place with tape.  I used to glue it in TJ’s seats using Shoo Goo, but that makes it permanent, and when the kids are growing fast, it’s nice to be able to take it out and change the shape.

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