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Daniel Justice

How did I know you would say Blue Mountain? I could probably go out on my back deck, yell out and you would hear me haha. I live off Hardesty, just down the hill from the country store on Howellsville.  You know, that sketchy downhill turn that everyone can’t stop flying off of. If you wanted to, we could meet in person and discuss everything.

I think you would be able to handle yourself in a shifter, I would never discourage anyone from getting one, like others may try to do. The WKC has a big shifter class (Stock Honda CR125), might actually be the largest class currently. You’ll only be getting on the track at Summit when the WKC is in town though, so you will have to travel around if you want more seat time.

For your daughter, I don’t think there’s anyway to get her on the track with the WKC at her age unfortunately. You’d want to start her off in a 50cc at a sprint track I’d say. I don’t know much about the youth classes so someone else may be able to weigh in.

Again, if you want to drop by to discuss everything, I can give you my address. I know you have a lot of questions. Can show you our karts too. Might be a little tough to get out right now, looks like this snow will be sticking around in the meantime.