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Dom R.

Hey Jeff and Daniel.

First off, thanks for responding so quick!

I’ve already contacted AllsportsGP.  Hana will be signed up for the two day racing course offered at the end of this month.  Pretty sure I heard some coworkers mentioning Summit Point Karts have closed operations and moved elsewhere.  I’m trying to stick to only on street karting.  Since the age of nine I’ve been on dirt bikes, ATCs, and other cycles.  I just sold my 1985 Honda 350x trike.  I have two motorcycles currently (’96 HD FLT, ’81 KZ1100).  If I get into this it’s shiter kart or nothing.

Summit Point allows shifters?

Are there plenty of times for practicing, and how much does cost?

Would my daughter be allowed at Summit Point at all?

Where is the closest location I can have my daughter seated in her own kart and driving on a street track?  Doesn’t have to be racing.

I’d prefer not traveling much, unless for special events.

This is something where I really want my kid to have her own kart.

I want her to have the full experience with tinkering, testing, tuning, and driving.

Again guys.. thanks for all this information!

And Daniel, I’m on Blue Mountain about 1.5 miles from the Shenandoah Farms country store.

Apologies for the randomness.  I’ve been tinkering on bikes all day in the cold and just chugged a couple cups of coffee.