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Ben Lewis

I may be a bit late to this thread but I recently have done this conversion. The engine i got was already attached to a kart but was very much in dirt bike form with little done to it but bolted in. I decided to take it in a stock moto direction (even though it’s a 96 and wouldn’t be allowed). Here are some basic things you’ll need to consider doing:

1)Rebuild everything!!! Top end and bottom. This will save you headaches. Trust me on this I thought I could just do the top end because the play in the crank was within tolerance and BOOM shrapnel from the bottom end going bad ruined my day and added $500 to my budget. Then I had to rebuild anyways.

2) Remove the power valve and put some blended plugs in. Not only will this give you better Kart specific power up top but will keep the power valve cover from wearing through your nice exhaust since the stock one will be removed.

2) Plug up the hole in the case you just created removing  the power valve with a unit that Fastech will sell you. Use  a little RTV around the collar even though it rests on a seal anyways

3) Remove kick starter and plug it with another billet seal

4) Find a place to mount the coil I did mine off the case with a little swedetech unit

5) Buy a pipe and mount. Ive got the ‘old’ RCE its sweet

6) Get an o-ringed exhaust manifold. They are well worth it.

7) If your going to do the weekend warrior thing get a wiseco piston kit they have 2 little holes that lubricate the rib to help w/ sticking

8) Get a side cover for the stator side (swedetech)

9) Run a y-hose or do what I did and block off one of the water outlets on the head.

10) Run a water temp sensor. Trail tech sells an awesome little unit.

11) Decide if you want to run a UNI filter or a box. Personally I run a UNI

12) Buy a PWK/M carb and run a pump around or figure out a fueling setup. Look up Tiger Racing’s Poor mans pump around. I use a pressure regulator and a return in this fashion. It would never race but works pretty good for track days.

Lastly you’ve got to have a proper chassis/mount to put it on and all that comes with that. All these steps have little details that really add up. I would estimate that without learning mistakes I’m in at about $800 for the conversion after the $500 motor. With mistakes and its approaching 2K all together. A savings sure but whats your time worth? It can be a lot of work but personally I like a little pain with my enjoyment. Yes you will get very familiar with tearing down the CR, and in relative terms it’s quite easy and cheap to work on. This is why I chose this setup because its way more involved and you can do the work.  But, you gotta like that sort of thing or it will drive you mad!!  I wish you luck and post pics when you’re done


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