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Brock Weiss

We have driven a OTK Kosmic Kart for the last two years and I have to say we have done very well for never being In karting before..Our first year my son won junior rookie of the year and last season we were runner up in KPV Junior….I mention this because my son has two years experience and he was winning races against kids that have been racing for nine years and I don’t believe he would have done as well as he has if he wasn’t in a OTK….

However with that said one of the major complaints we had with it was when it got really hot out his kart went from first place to last place because it gripped up really bad to where it had no power at all coming out of the corners and we tried every adjustment to get it to free up…….I don’t know if others have this problem or just us but it was a huge headache thst we had….But like I ¬†said, he was runner up last year and won five races last year and six second place finishes against kids that have three times the experience he had….So I’m sure the kart had alot to do with it…..

This year we are switching karts to the new COMPKART from J3 Competition as it is new but has already been very successful on the national scene with wins at the FWT and Rotax Challenge of America’s so hopefully it will be just as good as OTK Karts