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Robert Lawson

I know Kerry well enough to know what he’s getting at.

These tests have brought a good number of new participants to local road racing here in our region. It certianly does not hurt the race programs up here.

Most all of these guys race, plenty of these guys race competitively in their class here as well.

Some are new or have little experience. To them $200 is the best money they can spend to get access to a big track without the pressure of a daily competition schedule. Some just have no interest in “racing” per sey but love to drive.

Clubs and individuals who really want to grow the road racing arm of karting should also be doing these “test days”. Its the perfect atmosphere for new participants to get involved and get tons of feed back in real time. You always have time to talk and help a new guy at a test. Other than lunch it is non stop open track time, more than most could take advantage of anyway.

The Track phone has the answering service running, they do tend to spend some time in S. Fla in the Winter.

Its a safe bet that date is sitting there waiting for 20-25 karts to rent it! ;)

Need a BUNCH more names here first though……..

(7 so far)