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TJ Koyen

This is also tough to do because of how driving styles differ. And a lot of drivers tend to blame the chassis for their shortcomings so that skews the opinions a bit as well.

The reality is, most karts are pretty similar in how they drive. I’ve been on 4 different brands in the past few years. The OTK product feels more front-end biased on turn-in and really hikes the wheel with steering input. The ART kart I was on for a year felt a bit opposite. It didn’t react as quickly, but for whatever reason, it really excelled at apex and off the corner. The Merlin I was on for many years was really pretty balanced on entry and exit; it felt very neutral.

On all karts we kept the baseline setup mostly and on all karts we achieved podium results, wins, and fast qualifying times on a national level. Just different ways to skin a cat.

I’m sure you’ve heard it a dozen times, but almost any kart can win given the right driver.

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