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Tim Koyen

Its interesting to read and hear all these opinions from karters about this show.  It might be worthwhile to read Entertainment Weekly’s recap of the last episode to get a view from the perspective of a non-karter.


The absence of any discussion of costs, the technical inaccuracies, or the long debated “stepping-stone” discussion is very obvious.  In other words, the things that have us karters all worked up, are of no consequence to the non-karters, aka viewers.  The viewers are more concerned with clever nicknames like John “the boss” Bromante, or cute analogies, like calling Derek Fitzgerald a cross between Paddington Bear and Kid Rock.  I actually enjoyed the recaps more than the show, because they are from an unbiased point of view.  Obviously most of the viewers don’t have a clue about the sport, and they’re allowed to happily enjoy it without the encumbrances of knowing that Malukas’ X30 has no place on the grid in the Yamaha race, even if he starts from the back!

I often say that life is about perspectives.  Success or failure, winning or losing, victory or defeat, all depends where you are standing.  Let’s stand next to some non-karters for the next episode and we may enjoy it even more.

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