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Mark Coats

I’ve been reading everyone’s comments and I have kept my thoughts to myself. Regardless of what any of us think, KARTING is getting exposure.  The reason karting is not on TV normally, is it is boring to watch. I think the producers have put enough drama into the show to make it interesting.

I cannot believe that no shops have bought local TV advertising during the show.  Most shops don’t have any idea the amount of FREE advertising they are getting. Take advantage of it guys. Call your local cable companies and talk to a sales representative about advertising in your local markets.

I know in the first two episodes, the Franklin trailer was shown at least a dozen times, Garry had the MRP Birel Trailers in prime spots, the event USPKS shirts had Verde Speed Resources, Comet and Top Kart were also in a ton of shots. The fences were lined with Tony kart fence banners & the huge MG Tire & Mini-Rok/Vortex inflatables were in a lot of shots. The USPKS events had a lot of exposure for our sponsors with the feather banners and signage. I know as a series, I have had several e-mails and sent them to our sponsoring shops.

Mark if you have not figured it out, they are concentrating on the sportsman & junior ranks. Hopefully, if there is a next season, they will feature a few senior driver families.

KARTING is getting exposure, regardless what any of us think, it will help the sport. Think positive and tell your friends to watch the show. If they mention that it sounds expensive, I suggest that you mention that they can get started in the LO206 Class for under $4500.00 for a complete new package.

Just my opinion.