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Ian Bushey

I’ve raced Game Stock car karts ,every rfactor kart, the rfactor 2 karts, and the Assetto Corsa Modded karts and nothing compares to Kart Racing Pro. The physics in comparison to the big name sims is light years ahead in realism. Of course what you lose with KRP is a bit of Game stability and its a lot more laggy then rfactor 2 or Assetto Corsa.  But have no fear the game is in constant development. Another truly awesome thing is the karts actually look like the karts we drive in real life.

I’ve raced with Xander and his league for about 4 years now (137 in the above video) and I’ve loved every second of it. If you buy the game be sure to look at their website: http://skwcracing.wix.com/home