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Xander Clements

Kart Racing Pro has made a lot of advancements. I currently compete in a league along with a lot of other older Junior racers and younger Senior racers on it at some tracks we personally design. So far, we’ve revived Moran Raceway Park, are currently working on GoPro Motorplex, and also have Dallas, Sonoma, and a few others. We also are planning on putting together good versions of MRP, Beaverun, and Kershaw. Daytona and Charlotte are also possibly in the works.

The game itself is about $36, and there is a community of modders with extra motor addons, such as the Rotax, Leopard, and X30, which are extras from the game-based KF and KZ engines.

Here is a link to the video of our latest race at Moran, with my commentary on it. I’m no Rob Howden or Tony LaPorta, but I hope I’m not too boring. A couple of the names you may recognize as nearly everyone in the series also race karts nationally in the US, such as Brenden Baker from NASH Motorsportz, and Braden Eves from J3 Competition, among others.