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Harry Canoles

I watched last nights show. It was much better then the 1st. episode. After being involved in motorsports of various types for over 40 yrs. I started to help my grandson in his karting. The one thing I’ve noticed is the stupid amount of $$ being spent to make little SpeedRacer look good. Of witch it does make an average driver stand out amongst lesser funded drivers.  But here is the reality upon the fast track of turning Pro .   When little SpeedRacer moves up into the racing world where everyone is throwing stupid amounts of $$ at racing , SpeedRacer is no longer the BIG fish in the pond and his true driving abilty will come through.  My son raced Quarter Midgets along with many other kids with aspirations of becoming a Pro.  Of all the kids in his ten years of racing only one boy went on to really do something,  That was Ryan Newman. Back then 16 yrs. was the age limit. Many of his old racing friends went on to run Sprint Cars,  ARCA, and SCCA.  All are happy but with what they are doing even by not being a Pro.    I guess what it all comes down to is. I’m not willing to mortgage my house and deplete my retirement account to elevate my grandson in karting.  I’ll just continue helping him and create lasting memories and let his driving ability take him to his natural level.