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john Dillon

I love 80’s. I was one of the ones involved in getting that class started at MSOKC in central ohio. Its still a strong class there today. That was 18 years ago. In those 18 years Ive raced 80’s 125’s and currently a 250. 80 shifters are still my favorite. They are bullet proof just about, much cheaper to maintain, and doesnt hurt you quite as bad as a 125.  I know a lot of folks feel the 80 is for jr class and so many want that manly 125, but I contend the 80 shifter is not a lot slower especially on a small track.

My feelings are the 80 shifter would make a great senior class, 35 and older senior class. Face it guys, as we age our bodies arent as forgiving, let the young guns play in the 125’s.

This year my step daughter will be racing in the l206 class. Id love to bring my 80 along as we visit some of the midwest tracks. Lets bring the 80 class back.