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Greg Lindahl

I very much agree with you, Ted.

Here in Northern California we still have a few active modified CR80 sprint and a road racing karts.  High maintenance.

I think the issue with this class is modification.  Now that the stock Honda CR125 class is popular, a stock Honda CR80 class seems a natural.

I have a modified CR 80 on a sprint kart and a stock CR80 on a laydown road racer.  I road race both karts.  The stock engine is low maintenance. Only the stock reeds are a high frequency item (~2 hours of road racing).  The modified engine gets a new piston every 1-2 hours.  The stock engine gets a piston every 3-4 hours.  I have never had a piston failure, for good reason.  When the modified engine loses any expensive parts, it will be parked and I’ll stay with the stock CR80 laydown only.

Stock CR80; Fun, fast (enough) and low(er) cost!