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Mark Parker

amazing post Tim, you took the 30 minutes to type what I’ve been thinking every time I see people complaining about the money.

These guys are running 40+ weekends a year.

They show up with their family in an RV 1000 miles from home ($700 in fuel RT) or ship their equipment with a team ($1k a weekend) and then stay in a hotel for 4 days ($1k) mind you that no one has eaten a meal yet ($60 x 12 = $700ish)

Then they pay registration fees for a couple of classes, pit passes, rv passes, mechanic passes etc, 2 sets of tires per class, engine rebuilds, kart repairs etc.  $1500-$2000 per weekend

40 weekend a year racers probably purchase 8 new chassis a year and 6 engines, thousands of dollars in spares and safety equipment.

How all these people crying foul don’t understand how that is going to cost you 4-5k a weekend even without any of the luxuries of a coach and a mechanic are beyond me.

If you really want to see stupidity in action, check out any of the topics on the show on some dirt racing sites or facebook. It will make you wonder how we are even classified as karters is they are too.