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Brad Christophersen

Thanks, I’ll check out the link. I have a few buddies into karts, I primarily run sand drags (dirt) 300′ type racing. My son has been running a few different modified bikes but has outgrown them and looking to go with a 2 stroke motor. So got on the subject of kart motor, and ended up with a spare PRD 125. The beauty of it is being centrifugal clutch, all the racing is sportsman tree, based on your dial in time, its gas and go. So, building a complete bike around the motor. From what I’ve researched the PRD puts out about 18hp (correct me if I’m mistaken) and will basically double what we’ve been running. He has been running 7.6 second et’s at about 30-34 mph. New chassis will weight close to same, most likely lighter as the motor is significantly lighter than the 125 4 stroke pitbike motor previously ran. What I will really need to figure out is gearing, combined with tire selection in relation to mph and where the power of the PRD comes on strong. First goal is to get it all together, make some runs, then potentially look at motor work/performance upgrades. Any suggestions/info is welcome. Should be interesting