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Kelly Read


To answer YOUR question. KART rule is that: Recommended for ALL classes (sprint and laydown) up to 100cc stock. Mandatory for A-Limited (Open) and up. This allows the racer from the sprint track to come road race without major changes rather it’s cost or parts. They already have to get different front and possibly rear gears to road race.

As for what opinions people have, that’s fine with me. In my opinion, making a 4-cycle or a Piston Port sprinter rather it’s with CIK or full body work to make dual brakes MANDATORY in road racing, I’m not for that at least at this time.

Here is the TRUTH. The DRIVER/MECHANIC needs to understand the true maintenance on there kart that they are driving or working on!!!! I’ve seen rule after rule written on different things due to this. WE can add millions of things BUT, if WE don’t maintain it, what good is it??? The pre-tech person verifies it’s there, he doesn’t drive it!!!!

I’m not a expert on brakes but one thing I would question is, the size of the rear brake disc. Are we safe on a road race course with the mini lite disc that some racers use??

When we say it is MANDATORY to have dual braking systems, we don’t say anything else. Anyone mention that they have to both work, work fully, etc??? We don’t want to go there in my opinion.  There are driver’s out there that run very little front brake bias and are very fast including through turns. All get’s down to the driver!!!! Sure the more braking you can get the deeper you can go BUT, then you need gear to get you going again. To much gear and you loose top end.