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Christian Fox

Ray, I agree with you, but the producers’ agenda is not to grow the sport of karting, it’s to get ratings by making the it look like a circus. It’s not a documentary. They want karting dads yelling at each other and pulling donuts in their corvettes, not a dad and his kid talking about chassis set up.

Newsflash: to the average viewer a “national” level karting event still looks like a county fair. There’s plenty of drama at any race anywhere. I’ve seen fights break out at indoor karting for gawd’s sake. That said, I don’t blame the producers for focusing on the high-price stuff.

And I don’t think people have a problem per se with what some people pay in karting (I don’t), but it is clear the show chooses to show the divide that exists. Like I wrote before, in the first 20 seconds they have dads dropping big numbers, and then in the preview for the next episode they show some mom crying because her family can’t spend more. The 99% vs. 1% appears to be a theme the producers want to explore.

But, yeah, I’ll still watch…