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Clark Gaynor Sr.

To be more specific, it would only be for sprint style karts and NOT laydowns or shifters.  Laydown and shifter karts come with or are designed for “four” wheel brakes.  It also does NOT require anyone to remove their dual/four wheel brake systems!!

The attempt was being made to help encourage “sprint” racers to give road racing a try without the added expense and work of the dual brake system.  In WKA land this proposal would only effect 4 cycle enduro sprint, 2 cycle enduro sprint and CIK Tag classes.

As a member of the WKA NRRC and the WKC board of directors, I’d very much like to know what the rest of the North American clubs and organizations require with respect to road racing sprint kart braking systems.

Your input would certainly be appreciated,


Clark Gaynor Sr.