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Ted Hamilton

(Sorry, had deleted my content, but a couple others answered a couple specific points of mine….mainly that I wouldn’t give up my helmet, but wouldn’t wear 2 of them, or maybe we should wear leathers as they’d be safer than nylon in case of ejection — if it’s all about safety….  I commented that we’re personally responsible for having fit equipment for the job, not WKA, or other sanctioning bodies, and that the line for acceptable risk is a subjective one — I’d rather see adequate runoff areas, no concrete walls, etc…..  I also commented that FSA or Formula K karts ran fine with single vented brakes, and I didn’t see why that system wouldn’t hold up to 110 mph speeds vs. 90 mph over 14 corners… Hope that clears up any confusion below.)

2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100