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Gene Davis

Kelby – Yes DKC has switched to AKRA for 2015. If you have a kart that is legal to race WKA it will be legal in AKRA.

Kevin – For your information my wife and I were paid $50 more to score than last year. What I was not willing to donate was my time in doing all the pre registration. Printing of all the registration forms. Printing the tech forms. The reconciliation with WKA after the event. Posting of information to mylaps. Paying for the internet connection for race monitor. We drove to Daytona instead of flying. That saved WKA approximately $1,200. The reason we drove was so I was sure the scoring system made it to the race. Would have been in a major jamb if the airlines would have lost the system. WKA had plenty of time to find someone else to handle what we did.

As for running road race in the ground not sure what you are referring to. In 2014 the total entries were down 32 from 2013 for the year. That includes 6 races rained out at Daytona in December 2013, and a total rainout of Sunday at VIR.

If you want to talk about this personally instead of on an open forum call Mr. Harper he has my contact information.

Gene Davis