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Kevin Kann

I agree changes need to be made. As Patty says the narrow minded leadership at WKA has put road racing in the trouble it is in right now. That being said your talking about running with this new club AKRa which is now being lead by the very inmates that oran WKA into the ground… Does anyone relize the money that has been paid out to these very few individuals to run WKA into the ground? Including the money paid to a leader of Dart Kart Club in Daytona 2014 for use of a scoring system? Has that money shown up to the club of Dart Kart? I just have a hard time beliving everyone would welcome this change of name knowing what these people have done to WKA Road Racing the last decade and your willing to go right with the wolves down the same path? This is what has kept me from rejoing WKA because I cannot support an orignization that makes poor choices. Think about what your all doing before you welcome this old stall bad leadership of WKA to the “new” AKRA. And maybe AKRA was a well run club but if your bringing in the old guard who most disliked from WKA isnt this just WKA with a new name????