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Jeremy Baldi

I 100% agree with Robert. 125 super karts have always run in what ever the 125 enduro class has been. They should be written into the f-125 class.

Under the current rules it says f-125 is a laydown class so you have to be max 50″ wide (some superkarts chassis might fit), 26″ tall (without a really tall seat most superkarts would be okay), at least 6″ of body work clearance around steering wheels and legs (some superkarts fairings are to close or large for this rule) and the gas tank most be between wheels not a center one (many superkarts have center gas tanks). So you could make a superkart legal under even under the lay down rules. But I would love to see a CIK legal superkart legal in the f-125 class without having to worry about the rules above.

I’m sure any f-125 would agree with me. We would love to have as many karts in our class as possible. Whether they be laydown, superkarts or some other 125 enduro kart. There are lots of old zip superkarts out there that I would love to see people put a 125 on and come race with us.

AKRA, WKA or CES or any other org. Hope you read this and make sure you adjust the rules to make superkarts legal in f-125 without any questions.

Jeremy Baldi