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Robert Lawson


These karts have been entering and running in the F-125 class for countless years now. Local, regional or national…..doesn’t matter. I have yet to see at any event a “125 SK” be disallowed in pre tech or disqualified in post tech.

We have miles of VHS tape covering many many years of these karts racing with us.

F-125 was also known as: 80/125 enduro, B-Ltd., 125 gearbox, and at one point was included in WKA’s “Open” class.

Dimentionally, your right.

I mentioned a similar problem in the 250 forum before Daytona. IF there is ever an issuse reguarding “legality” of any kind with a driver or kart it is never addressed or caught until AFTER a race has been run. Once you get to that point no one wants to make an issue or hurt feelings….”whats done, is done!” Unfortunately this is how things get lost in the process and people just look the otherway out of habit.

Didn’t mean to turn this into a history class but sometimes things are not what they seem from a rule book standpoint. These karts should be written in to all the rule books so there is no question in the future.