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Byron Rothenhoefer

The class would be Stock Honda. (390 lbs). You could also participate in cik125(modified 125/kz 385 lbs)

Most common tire is MG yellow although some have had issues there w / excessive wear or blistering. Some have used MG orange.  Chassis setup obviously makes a difference.  Wheels are the same as sprint.

I’ve never run Roebling Road but I’d expect gear ratios to be around 1.20. 19/23 15/18 16/19.  Not sure chain oilers are allowed, but a good chain lube like silkolene applied every outing should be fine.

Some things to watch for sprint to RR is brake and steering components must be safety wired, a secondary cable or back up between brake pedal and master cylinders.  Full width rear bumper, newer plastic ones meet requirements may be a bit much on drag compared to steel tube rear bumpers.


Have fun.

Stock Honda 13