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patricia hechler

As I see this (and I am sure there are karters out there that don’t see it this way), the only individuals who put things on the line and take it in the shorts is the club itself.  Poor attendance?  Bad weather?  High towing costs?  The club pays the penalty.  Not the WKA, not any individual employed by WKA… the club.  I cannot fault ANY club for deciding to change direction and seeking different sanctioning.  At the end of the day, it’s the club that has to cover the costs.

Please don’t boycott a track like Mid Ohio simply because you live and breathe WKA and you don’t care to support DKC any longer.  This could not have been an easy decision to make on their part and unless you know what their ledger book looks like, don’t assume that they made this decision mindlessly or with malice towards WKA.

Care to dismiss Mid Ohio this year because of this?  Care to show DKC your feelings with lack of attendance?  Then realize, when next year comes (or the year after that), and Mid Ohio is no longer booking a kart event, that it was because if narrow-minded pride for WKA that caused Mid Ohio to fall off the karting map.  Is that what you want?  You want to show the sport that we can’t weather the change in tide?  You care so little for getting to put your little kart on a grand track like that, that you’re willing to throw it down the toilet to prove a point?

My gosh, I hope everyone realizes that we are on a cusp of change that we can either just throw away totally or do what is necessary to make it flourish.  You pick what side you’re going to be on.

I don’t mean to flame anyone, but I don’t want the sport of karting to look like we are a bunch of sixth graders.