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Jeremy Baldi

Since Dart Kart is my home club I guess I’ll be seeing what this AKRA is all about.

It hasn’t seemed like many racers have been committing to the WKA national series lately.  Just to expensive to travel around.  I can only think of a very low number of karters that have tried to go for a national championship in the last few years.  Most have instead been just racing at their local club events and if those happen to be a WKA event than great.

Having said that I would think that it will be hard for DKC to get good numbers this year without WKA attached to their events.  I hope that is not the case and hope that there is maybe something in place to make sure DKC can make good numbers this year and continue in the future.  The AKRA says more RR will be announced in the near future.  I am really curious what those races will be since it is kinda late to get track dates for this year.

I am also really interested in the rules.  Like Brain said he hasn’t seen a 2015 WKA rule book and they already had a race.  One would assume most rules will be the same so you at least have a good base to go on.  AKRA better get a RR rule book out soon if they want anyone to prep a kart in time for their races.

Like most I have stayed closer to home the last few years and competed in races put on by DKC, CES, MKC, WKC and WKA.  I am going to continue to do that and therefor will support any org that puts on a races within around 6hrs of my home.  Hope to see lots of people at the races this year no matter who’s putting it on.


Jeremy Baldi