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Clark Gaynor Sr.

I agree Dale, I’m not convinced we need another org right now.  Two organizations fighting over the same events isn’t going to help anything.  You’ve been involved in road racing long enough to understand clubs and promoters are hanging on by their fingertips as it is.   Adding a new org, with even a slightly different rules structure isn’t going to add entries.  At least in my opinion it isn’t.  And if the class structure and tracks are the same, I have trouble understanding what the point is.  More track dates will not suddenly become available, and I suspect rental prices are not going to be reduced.

We’re all aware now that AKRA is going to add road racing and sprint racing to their program, but we haven’t heard anything else.  I know WKC is open to hearing what they have to say, but until there is a MUCH better mouse trap, I suspect we’ll be staying with WKA.  At least in the short term.

That is just my opinion, and is in no way a WKC endorsement one way or the other.

Have a good one folks.  Let’s all wait and see.  I’m just wondering how long we’re going to have to wait!

Clark Gaynor Sr.