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Dale Coffey

Not very sure I see this as a positive move for road racing.   With more regional series competing for the same racers, you have a smaller grid for both, and with the prices of track rental not getting cheaper, you will lose the premium tracks that everyone likes to race, such as what happened to Road Atlanta.  What track would be next to drop out?  Mid Ohio?  It was already proven when they had a 2nd regional race there a few years ago, the entries didn’t support the expenses, and the Dart Kart Club lost money on it.

Road Racing needs help for sure, but not more fracturing.   I say let’s see what the new President of WKA does, after the old regime has been removed.   Give it a chance, and if you have ideas for improvement, send them to WKA, your Trustee, or I know there will be a new RR committee formed in the next week.

Van Gilder was in charge of operations at WKA and has left now.  Did he leave Road Racing in better condition when he left?  I don’t believe the entry numbers would show that he did.  He had enough time and power to make positive changes.

Dale Coffey