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Larry Dobbs

Thanks Ray, Laguna is one of the best!

John, we are a nonprofit and only charge what we need to.  As for the 92 db limit, NCK has turned hundreds of laps already within the limit so if you want to become a member of our club and race at any or all of our events this year you are welcome to ask any of our members that run the same class that you would like to run in and we will get you in under the limit, after all it is the same for everyone.  As for the price of admission, I know that some folks have not been able to afford to go racing with us, and I hope that whatever is keeping them from joining us can be solved.  If we had more participants we could lower the entry fee.  It’s a “catch 22”.  You are eligible for first time racer with NCK since it has been so long since you have raced with us, but I hope you can join us some time this year.  It will be good to see you and Deb so we can catch-up!

Jason, the weather is expected to be a sunny 70 and if you are wanting to go racing then NCK is the place, but try to stay on the track(jk)!!