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Greg Wright

Admittedly I’ve only watched a trailer on this show but it reminded me a lot of a previous show aired on ??? Network called something like Gold Cup Karting. Truck loads of money being spent, parents berating their children and generally making karting look like a circus side show.

The dollar figures being bandied about are crazy and not just on this show. Mr. Willis with his $100,000-$150,000 budget is an example. I know for a fact that their are a fair number of people spending 6 figure budgets racing karts, what I don’t know is why.

That kind of money will go a long way in other forms of motorsport that would get more attention and probably be safer as well. No you can’t race Indy or NASCAR with that budget but you can do a hell of a lot of car racing for those numbers.

I must be getting old, I just don’t get it.

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