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Kirt Burcroff

I found it entertaining and pretty accurate to what we experienced in our first year competing nationally. The dollar figures were astounding but not surprising when you see the size of the haulers pulling into the track and teams going through multiple sets of new tires on the practice day. The gap between the haves and the have-nots is real but it’s not unique to karting. I’m sure that, like me, many fathers hope to hit the lottery to better help their sons. For me it’s not necessarily about getting to the front, it’s about having the funds just to continue going. The family atmoshere, intensity, comraderie and mostly the time spent with my son on the road is priceless. I thought they did touch on those things on the show.

I do hope they spent some time with some of the teams that aren’t spending $5,000 and up for a race weekend.

What a relief it was to see a father encourage his son to keep driving cleanly even in the face of a competitor that may not be. Phil Tavella gets bonus points in my book for that.

My experience with Henry Malukas was that he really is just a nice guy. He came over to chat with me in South Bend while I was trying to fold all of our gear back into the bed of my pick up and he was honestly just cool and curious about how we travel to races.

Even though we sometimes live in that world I found it fascinating. I will be curious as to whether this ends up promoting or hurting the sport. I have a daughter that dances competitively and I don’t think “Dance Moms” did that activity any favors.