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Stewart Willis

Charles Skowron
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“Well of course a lot of us on the forum are armchair experts. If it costs $225,000/yr to race a go-kart how many can afford to race? :P :P


The true answer is, “Not many of us.”  But, most dont run a full throttle National level schedule.  They pepper in a few big races here and there.  I can expect to spend in the $100k-$150k range if we hold to our planned schedule.  It is tough because we are in AZ where we only have one big race this year that isnt Rotax.    I have been told that bandoleros are less expensive as well as some full size cars. However, my kid has no ambitions to be a race car driver.  He likes hanging out with his buddies racing go karts…  So, what is a guy to do?