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Stewart Willis


You do not NEED a $225k/yr budget to race.  But, think through this math.  Some people ONLY race “National” level events or those that are perceived to be national level events. This is not an unreasonable number based on how many races they race. We have friends that will be racing both weekends of Florida Winter Tour, Pro Tour, USPKS, and some California PKC race…..  and they live in Texas.

You mention that people need to learn how to tune on their own chassis.  I agree.  But, who would you learn this from?  I would argue that you hire a great tuner/engineer and learn from them.

I was given two  arrive and drive quotes for USPKS races.  One of them was around $5,500 per race plus expenses, no mechanic, no engine.  The other quote was around $3,000.  This does not include our travel there nor the cost of renting engines nor the cost of mechanics.


Here is what our schedule looks like for the upcoming year and some of the expenses that I have time to calculate:

My planned race schedule is as follows: (remember, I live in AZ)

Phoenix Kart Racing Association (Local Club race) PKRA

-As many as we can squeeze in.

SKUSA! California ProKart Challenge

1.)Buttonwillow, CA  (9 Hour drive or $600 round trip flights for my son and I not including testing dates)$450 entry fee, tires fuel.  $600 for engineering and mechanic

2.) Willow Springs CA (7 hour drive)

3.) Riverside, CA (6 hour drive)

4.)Buttonwillow, CA  (9 Hour drive or $600 round trip flights for my son and I Plus $300 transportation fee)

5.)Sonoma, CA  (12 hour drive with trailer or $500 air fare plus $300 transportation fee)

 SKUSA! ProTour

1.)Phoenix,   My home track, no transport fees ($700 Entry, Tires, Fuel) $1,000 mechanic and engineering

2.)Newcastle, (at least $600 in round trip air fare if we do no testing and leave the wife and other kid at home) ($700 Entry, Tires, Fuel) $2,500 mechanic, engineering, hotels, rental car

3.) Supernationals (5 hour drive , Hotel  me plus tuner $1,400, engineering and mechanic $3,000)



1.)Go Pro Motorplex, North Carolina

2.) Shawano, WI

3.)Michiana  North Liberty, IN

4.) New Castle, IN